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Death of Bruce Forsyth

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Biography - A Short Wiki

English comedian, television personality, and game show host of UK’s The Price is Right and Strictly Come Dancing. He was named Male TV Personality of the Year every year from 1975 to 1978 and was knighted in 2011. 

He had six children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He was married to Penny Calvert from 1953 to 1973 and Anthea Redfern from 1973 to 1979. In 1983, he married his third wife, Wilnelia Merced. 

How did Bruce Forsyth die?

Game Show Host Bruce Forsyth died in 2017, 89 years old. The cause of death was Bronchopneumonia.

Information about the death of Bruce Forsyth
Cause of deathBronchopneumonia
Age of death89 years
ProfessionGame Show Host
BirthdayFebruary 22, 1928
Death dateAugust 18, 2017
Place of deathWentworth Estate, United Kingdom
Place of burialThe London Palladium


That Mick Jagger, I feel sorry for him. After all these years he still can’t get no satisfaction.

Bruce ForsythDeath of Bruce Forsyth

Puerto Rico is one of those places you can be as quiet or as crazy as you want, because there’s so much nightlife. I have to take the craziness carefully.

Bruce ForsythDeath of Bruce Forsyth

Just doing any kind of work – even an interview for breakfast television – makes me feel happy.

Bruce ForsythDeath of Bruce Forsyth

When you’ve been brought up in variety, I think timing is always important in your life. If I’m ever late for anything, whether it’s personal or business, I always apologise. ‘I’m sorry I’m late,’ and all that. And if somebody is late meeting me, I expect them to say ‘I’m sorry I’m late.’ It’s just, shall we say, showbiz etiquette of my day.

Bruce ForsythDeath of Bruce Forsyth

I do lead a careful diet, I don’t overeat, I have fruit and vegetables every day and I drink a lot of water. And my darling wife keeps me so young it is ridiculous. Being with her is an inspiration as well.

Bruce ForsythDeath of Bruce Forsyth