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Death of Elisabeth Sladen

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Actress who played investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith on the series Doctor Who.

She had a daughter named Sadie with actor and husband Brian Miller.

How did Elisabeth Sladen die?

Tv Actress Elisabeth Sladen died in 2011, 65 years old. The cause of death was Pancreatic Cancer.

Information about the death of Elisabeth Sladen
Cause of deathPancreatic Cancer
Age of death65 years
ProfessionTv Actress
BirthdayFebruary 1, 1946
Death dateApril 19, 2011
Place of deathSouthall, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A


Sometimes good television doesn’t depend on money, it depends on imagination and good people directing, casting and doing the job with talented people.

Elisabeth SladenDeath of Elisabeth Sladen

I love radio, and I haven’t done it – other than the actual ‘Doctor Who’ – for so long now. It takes a different kind of discipline and a different kind of enjoyment, really.

Elisabeth SladenDeath of Elisabeth Sladen