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Death of Mohammad Ali

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Biography - A Short Wiki

Pakistani actor who performed in more than 250 films and was considered one of the top actors to come out of Asia during his time. After the release of the 1973 film Aas, he became the first person to win six Nigar Awards in the first ten years of his acting career. 

He married Zeba in 1966 and adopted her daughter from a previous marriage.

How did Mohammad Ali die?

Movie Actor Mohammad Ali died in 2006, 74 years old. The cause of death was Septic Shock.

Information about the death of Mohammad Ali
Cause of deathSeptic Shock
Age of death74 years
ProfessionMovie Actor
BirthdayApril 19, 1931
Death dateMarch 19, 2006
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A